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What are the origins of Tantra?

Tantra originated in ancient India.
It is a country with ancient traditions, deep cultural and religious roots and contradictions.
A poor but very proud country, with little prosperity.

People at the ganges river, the best know river of India.

In cities a lot of items, including larger freight, get transported by bike.

A lot of people live and work on the street.

An extreme, but wonderful, contrast are the old magnificent buildings of the royal families. The Taj Mahal is one of the best known and most beautiful palaces of India, just like in One Thousand and One Nights.

The Palace of the Winds is also known all around world.

The Indians love it colourful, there are festivities in which people throw coloured powder at each other.

For important festivals they paint their elephants magnificently.

The Indian population puts great value in being well dressed, even at work, despite poverty. Most Indians cannot understand when backpack-tourists show up in torn jeans.

Quite interesting are the love temples of Kajuharo. These Tantra temples are well preserved.

The Tantra temples of Kajuharo are decorated all over with stone statues which are nude and some in sexual union.

This old woman is praying to Shiva's Lingam. It is an old tantric symbol for the sexual union of Shiva and Shakti.
Through the British occupation of India a lot of the tantric culture has been destroyed.
This woman probably would not pray to Shiva's Lingam if she knew its significance, as all of India, thanks to the British influence, has become very prude.

The Sadhus, the holy men of India, are mysterious and wise. The Sadhus meditate a lot, practice yoga and other spiritual exercises.
It is extraordinary but they are allowed to smoke marijuana in public. Any other Indian or any tourist would be arrested immediately.

There are many Sadhus who do without drugs for developing themselves spiritually.

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