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What is Tantra?

The term 'Tantra' originates in Sanskrit, the old scholar's language of India and signifies 'woven fabric' or 'to weave' and 'being interwoven'. The focus is on the unity of body, spirit and soul, the merging of relative and absolute.

The diverse, culturally influenced significations of tantra are often interpreted in various ways. This is also a result of the high age, as the traditions of tantra are already 7000 years old. Although tantra is no religion, two important religions, Buddhism and Hinduism, have their roots in tantra.

In tantra, the woman is equalled with the goddess Shakti and the man with the god Shiva.

The goal of tantric rituals and practices is a holistic view of life, which connects spirituality with sexuality and leads to the realization of the highest reality. It is one of the most direct paths to enlightenment.

Tantra is a spiritual path, that - in contrast to most other spiritual or religious paths - does not reject the sexual energy or sees it as something low, but instead approves of it most profoundly.

In tantra, the body is the basis for anything else - for the emotional, mental and spiritual development. It is necessary to know your own body better in order to gain better access to your feelings.

Often tantra is equalled with sex. This is a very limited point of view, as tantra means so much more. This is like seeing a tree but not the forest.

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