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Registration for the the Link/Partner Programme (earn commission)

Become and Tantra Mandala associate for Tantra DVDs and CDs and earn high commission , by simply placing a banner on your website! For each DVD or DVD set sale referred you earn 5.- €.

If you work in the area of Tantra, you can become a link partner! List your Tantra institute for free in our directory, by placing a reciprocal link on your website.

Anyone can participate in the Partner Programme / DVD associate sales, whether your site is for a bank or TV station or any other internet site. For the Link Map (+commission) only selected Tantra Massage businesses and Tantra schools can be accepted.

Dear Tantra Massage businesses and Tantra schools:
Never again pay for expensive ads with Google, Yahoo etc.! Instead, earn money while advertising for your site. If you, for example, refer 100 DVD sales a month, we will pay you 500.- Euros, which might be half the rent of your Tantra Massage business or Tantra school.

To everyone with a website:
Shortly we are expecting about 500,000 to 1,000,000 visitors on the World-Tantra-Link-Base. How is this possible? Simple, we are actively promoting our associate programme on many TV stations, magazines, forums and websites, which want to earn money together with us and that in the whole world, with a multi-lingual translation as well as a multi-lingual staff team. We are hoping for a worldwide boost of development of Tantra and Tantra-Massage. You can be part of this with your Tantra school and/or Tantra Massage business.

As this website has its own intelligence, it is possible to track visitors you refer to us, and even if the visitor decides to buy a DVD up to four weeks later, we can still give you full credit for the commission.

How does this work? Every associate receives his very own link which contains an identification code. Similar methods are successfully in use by other associate systems like Amazon, but we additionally use cookies to save the identification code, which increases your revenue. No matter which page is visited on the World-Tantra-Link-Base, this code is preserved. Even if a visitor bookmarks a page and days, weeks or even months later decides to make purchase, the code is kept. The additional cookie guarantees that even when a visitor returns to World Tantra Link Base through a search engine, instead of the link from your site, you will still get credit.

After registering, you link to World Tantra Link Base with a banner, here you can find a preview of the banners .

As soon as you have placed the banner on your website, you email us and within about 5 working days we will approve your listing on the Link Map.

Should you remove the link, our system will remove the link after checking your site three times without success.

We reserve the right to decide which sites are accepted for the Link Map. Websites connected with the red-light-district will not be accepted. Only websites that deal with Tantra, like Tantra workshops/seminars and/or Tantra Massage, are what we are looking for.

All Tantra-Massage businesses , which want to be listed, must have a well founded massage training. To be a reputable business, a clear boundary in the massage is required, the masseur or masseuse is active, the client remains passive, there is no sexual exchange.

We are grateful for notifying us about dubious entries on our Link Maps. If we receive several complaints, we will investigate the dubious Tantra institute and it will be subject to removal.

Furthermore your website should be professionally designed and appealing.

Which type of association do you request?

Registration for the free partner programme (earn commission) - ANYBODY can register here

Registration for the free listing in the Link-Map and for the free partner programme (earn commission) - only for Tantra Massage businesses and Tantra schools


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